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The Curator Educator currently offers a range of creative, educational, curatorial and creative wellbeing services for clients, through:

Throughout all of the work, our focus is rooted in providing participatory practices that put people's individual experiences at the forefront. We promote an ethos that aims to break down barriers social and creatively, encourage up-skilling and skill sharing and values the importance of community voice within our work. 

We aim to encourage people to engage on their own level in a formal or informal cultural education, that aims to improve health and well-being and that can assist in breaking down barriers for individuals and the community as a whole.


Through all of the services that the business offers, we aspire to maintain positive relationships with clients and participants both during and after services are given. We are always open to exploring new areas, subject matters and themes, so if you have an idea why not get in touch with us.

We now have our new creative wellbeing programme CraftNN for Wellbeing programme page live, click the button below to find out more and to make a referral to one of our programmes.

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