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events & community projects

Events The Curator-Educator currently delivers link into some of our services as an organisation and may form part of a package for clients. At present, this particular service is something which we mostly work in collaboration with other organisations, developing collaborations with different sectors including youth engagement, education, visual arts and heritage. 


We are excited to be able to work and establish new relationships with new clients in order to be able to build our offer of cultural events in the future. An example of this would be our ‘conversation starter’ events in collaboration with local business Community Court Yard which are about sharing narratives and experiences from local residents in Northampton.


At present this service cover the following areas:

  • Creative talks 

  • Conversation starters

  • Cultural trials

  • Small creative conferences/ symposiums

The Curator-Educator as an organisation is always open to seeking to establish and build upon community relationships across the country. This is a service that actively looks to work collaboratively with other organisations and aims to be inclusive, outwards facing and fit for community purpose and which aims to promote the organisations ethos of providing opportunity and accessibility within its projects. 


An ongoing example of this service is the current project the business is co-running ‘The Start of Something NN’ a community project that is focused on building up Northampton, sharing skills and networking to improve the town and raise the community. 

Do get in touch if you are looking to host new events in your area!



- ruth Ewan



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