The Curator-Educator is a creative business dedicated to developing creative opportunities that are accessible, inclusive and diverse to open up a vast range of possibilities that can support, further and make creative encounters, engaging for everyone on a range of levels.

Throughout all of the work, our primary focus is rooted in combining educational ideologies, audience engagement and participation practices that put people's individual experiences at the forefront. 

The Curator-Educator has over 10 years experience working in the creative and educational sector and offers a range of exhibitions, workshops, community projects, workshops and cultural events across the Midlands and beyond. 


We strive to provide new opportunities and experiences for people that aims to:

  • Break down social and cultural barriers 

  • Encourage individual exploration

  • Explore creativity through a variety of opportunities 

  • Puts people at the forefront of every experience

It is our belief that there is great power in creativity and the arts which we aim to offer to all throughout services