The Start of Something NN is is an exciting new project and initiative in Northampton town centre, which is looking to bring together communities from across the town through a series of events and open conversations. This initiative is focused around the people of Northampton and what they feel is needed within their local community. The project aims to look at how the the local people of Northampton can bring about positive change within the town centre; exploring how together as a community we can actively and creatively reimagine Northampton and change the negative perceptions of the town into positive visions, ideas and actions.


Over a six month period we have worked collaboratively with local business Community Court Yard and many others to facilitate a series“ community conversations" through workshops, community circles and networking events, to generate new connections , explore opportunities and spark excitement to make positive changes in our town collaboratively. This was an exciting venture for us and really linked into the company’s ethos of working with communities. As the project moves forward we are now looking to develop the project and focus upon up-skilling people and tackling the challenges that face the communities of the town centre.