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Workshop designer and Facilitator (2019)


As part of Seed Festival 2019 in Stroud, The Curator-Educator was invited by community organisation SEMBLE to run a series of Up-Cycling community based workshops. These sessions included making Up- Cycled planters out of old tin cans, plant pots and a few other recycled materials. People of all ages were invited to get creative and also plant some seeds. As well as the planters, the weekend of workshops also included doing a bit of ‘Rock Art’, where participants were invited to decorate and write positive messages on rocks which they would then take away with them and hide either somewhere at the festival or somewhere near where they lived for a stranger to find and hopefully pass on.


These sessions were very much focused on being conscious of the material that were being used, as the theme of the festival was around considering our planet and the environment. Also the workshops were about bringing communities together through creativity, facilitating welcoming and accessible sessions where people could express themselves.

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