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Creative workshops


Workshop Facilitator  (2015/6)


Project Space Plus is the University of Lincoln’s public gallery, hosting a variety of exhibitions and events throughout the year. The space is a site for exploratory and innovative practice with artists, students, academics and staff within and external to the University; which brings exciting art works to the university that is accessible for all. 


Sophia was invited by the Curator of the gallery to develop, design and deliver a brand new educational programme for the space’s variety of exhibitions and events in collaboration with a small team of local creative professionals. The programme was a new initiative that allowed the team to be playful, experimental and engaging in order to develop new audiences and awareness of the space on the University campus. This approach is something which Sophia personally thrived upon, as it allowed me to develop alternative approaches that would engage a variety of audiences on a multitude of levels and allowed audiences to experience the exhibitions in a more personalised and fun way. 


During one particular exhibition she delivered a tour and workshop for young people aged 14-17 years old, which focused upon the artistic, exhibition themes ‘imagined futures’. Within the workshop Sophia used the idea of an imagined future where language was through movement and symbols, which provided a fun and accessible way in which the young participants could understand the work and gain a creative experience. The project then culminated into a public performance and invited the young participant’s family and friends to engage with the exhibition and art works.

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