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Moving for Mental Health:  August 14th

Join us for our Moving for our Mental health workshop on Wednesday 14th August 1:30pm- 4pm at Quaker House, Queens Road, Leicester


We believe in nurturing not only the minds but also the hearts and bodies to provide a holistic wellbeing approach. That's why we're bringing these dynamic workshops to ignite creativity and promote physical and mental wellbeing among learners!


Through fun activities, expressive movement, and engaging exercises, including :

  • Walk, Talk, See & Create
  • Move it! Make it!
  • Mindful Land Art


Which will:

  • Spark creativity and imagination
  • Encourage active participation
  • Foster mindfulness and relaxation
  • Cultivate teamwork and social skills


Get ready to embark on an enriching journey of self-discovery and joyous movement with The Curator-Educator and Future Fitness' movement and creative wellbeing workshops!


Prices start from £5 


Suitable for ages 5- 10 yrs


Under 7's need to be accompanied by an adult for the session. 



Moving for Mental Health: August 14th

PriceFrom £5.00
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