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The National Art & Design Saturday Clubs is a national initiative that gives young people aged between 14-17 years old experience of working with media and practices that are used in the creative sector. Working in collaboration with Higher Education Institution there are clubs spread across the country and generate an array of exciting club programmes and masterclasses with art and design professionals. The young members learn about the diverse educational and job opportunities that can lead to exciting careers in the creative industries.


Our Director, Sophia, was privileged to work in collaboration with the National Art & Design Saturday Club and the University of Lincoln as the Club Assistant in 2015/16. Throughout her time in this role she supported the planning and delivery of a wide variety of workshops, provided mentorship and encouragement for members and supported on the delivery of the club’s first year participating in Arts Award programme at Bronze level.


Each year a project is devised in collaboration with its members and this particular year, the group were inspired by Grayson Perry’s ‘House for Essex’, which soon turned into the group’s own interpretation of ‘Our House for Lincoln’! Throughout the weeks the members worked with university staff, industry creatives and artists and many others to creative different elements what built up ‘our house’, which in fact turned into a ‘real’ house (shed sized to be exact) that brought to live the group’s vision. 

‘Our House for Lincoln’

The story of ‘Our House for Lincoln goes a little some like this…


Over looking the University of Lincoln, lies the waters of the Brayford Pool. On the surface, it looks like any other waters you’ve seen before, but beneath the surface lies another world unknown to the residents of the city.


Underwater life in Brayford Pool is a busy world full of ‘fishy’ personalities, a colourful bunch what had their own unique stories to tell! Busying themselves with the creation of their new home they moved around in the fish carts, minding not to speed mind you!


Together the fish community worked together to create a space which they could call their own, working from the inside out they created everything for their house, from its fine furnishings, fishy portraits to its sturdy framework, it was a sight to behold!


And of course one house wasn’t enough, they needed an outhouse, so why not make one of jelly!!!


So when you next walk by the Brayford Pool in Lincoln, look out for our fishy friends and if you’re daring enough, why not pay them a visit…

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