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LU Arts is Loughborough University's arts programme which offers staff, students, artists and the wider community a range of arts activities to engage with. The programme offers a variety of creative opportunities from live music and literature events, to performances and exhibitions on campus.


Radar, forms part of the creative programme at LU Arts, which focuses on developing a programme of contemporary artistic commissions, talks and events that relates in some way to current research activity of the University. Previously, this has included collaborations with artists from across the world which has brought a connection between the town and the University and in turn engaged new audiences that perhaps have previously not encountered contemporary art. 


In our time working with LU Arts and Radar we have held a number of supportive roles across a variety of projects including ‘Brand News’ and ‘Market Lectures’, working in collaboration with the Radar team to facilitate, develop and deliver various components of projects. These projects in particular were primarily facilitated in the local community and sort to playfully explore the relationships between Loughborough town centre and the University through a range of approaches that included participatory workshops, talks, lectures and performances. Further to this work, we also worked with the Radar team in a research capacity, specifically focusing on the development of audiences for upcoming and future projects and exploring alternative ways in which these audiences could be reached through the Radar programme.

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