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Lockdown Banner 

Project Facilitator (2020-21)


Working in collaboration with Community Court Yard, the project began during the the first lockdown of the Covid- 19 pandemic in 2020. We sent out sewing kits to people in the community across Northampton and also further beyond within the UK, reaching Scotland, Ireland and many parts of England. We asked people to share their lockdown message with us and to stitch it in whichever way they would like. And the responses we got were incredible from stories of what people have been doing, their experiences and also their journeys through the pandemic.

Once those messages were complete, each sewn piece was sent back to us and with the help of some excellent local sewing experts we were able to put the banner together and is now proudly being exhibited at Community Court Yard's building The Yard in Northampton. 

Creating a piece of art work showcases both a moment in our histories as we hope never to experience anything ike this again, but also brings together community and creativity that connects us through this challenging time. 

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