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In Memoriam

Project Lead/ Facilitator (2022)


This collaborative project with Delapré Abbey was in response to artist, Luke Jerram's installation In Memoriam. The artwork is a temporary memorial for the public to visit and remember all those we have lost from the Covid-19 pandemic and also a tribute to all the NHS health and care workers who have and continue to work tirelessly for us all. 

As part of our work in response to the installation we worked with local schools (Delapre Primary, The Abbey Primary School and Queen Eleanor Primary Academy) to create artwork inspired by Nepalese prayer flags that shared the children’s experiences and feeling during the pandemic past and present. We then extended this creativity with the general public over the course of Jerram's work being on display, growing the piece of art work and ending up with over 500 flags. 

This was an incredible and poignant project to be apart of as it linked into our core values of community and using the arts to share emotions and experiences and it was amazing to discover the variety of things people had gone through and felt over the past two years cross generationally. 

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