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Curator  & Exhibition Designer (2016-2018)


Combining celebrations for the tercentenary anniversary of Freemasonry, as well as bringing freemasonry into the public light.  Freemasonry, what’s it all about,  was an exhibition that explored the intriguing relationship between past, present and future freemasonry across Leicestershire and Rutland. The exhibition was a collaborative project between the Leicestershire & Rutland Freemasons, Newarke Houses Museum and Leicestershire & Rutland Record Office to bring together a diverse and engaging exhibition for all. 


As Curator for the exhibition, we worked on the project for 18 months research, developing, designing and curating the project. Throughout our time working on the exhibition we expanded our knowledge of freemasonry and have been amazed at how much Freemasonry has been supportive, committed and involved at the heart of so many local communities across the county. Unearthing stories from past and present freemasons has been incredibly interesting and is something  we were keen to share with the general public in a creative way throughout the exhibition; giving an insight into what freemasonry is and how it most definitely apart of modern and future society.

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