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Production Co-ordinator (2017)


As part of the celebrations around the 50th year Milton Keynes, Digitalis reflected upon the city’s past, present and future in a creative and playful way, looking at how residents and artists could work together to retell the city’s story and its drawing up the plans for future growth and what the next fifty years hold for the city?


The 6 month programme consisted of a central residency that ran through the life of the project, a set of digital commissions by established and emerging talent, in co-authorship with the library audiences and a variety of creative engagement activities for children and adults to develop digital curiosity and appetite. Digitalis was a partnership between Threshold Studios, Milton Keynes Libraries and Milton Keynes Council and is supported using public funding by Arts Council England. The programme


As Production CoOrdinator our Director, Sophia took the lead throughout this project, liaising with artists, working with stakeholder, managing the logistics of the project,  programming the engagement programme and curating the final Digitalis exhibition. 

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