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2019- Present


We all have physical health and we all have mental health and in latter in particular is becoming increasing important in our everyday lives and if is apparent that as a society that we need to find a variety of ways to support our mental health and wellbeing. So therefore, Creativity and Mental Health workshops were born! 

These workshops combine real life stories from the experience of our organisation staff with a variety of engaging and creativity activities (graffiti walls, mental health creatures to same a couple), to encourage people to engage with the challenging subject matter of mental health, consider the narrative behind it and how creativity can be used on an individual and societal level. Throughout the workshop there are opportunities to be expressive through writing, drawing, talking, listening and watching, which we feel is important to engage participant on multiple levels. Workshops are adapted to the needs of the group, but the key message always remains the same, it is to look at how we create a positive narrative around mental health and how creativity can play a part in this. Creativity for us is a mind set that opens up so many opportunities that can have a huge impact on our mental health and wellbeing. 

We have also been developing an expanding our range of creativity and mental workshops and programmes, supporting and encouraging people to engage on their own level in a formal or informal cultural education, that aims to improve health and well-being and that can assist in breaking down barriers for individuals and the community as a whole, including:

  • Creative Mindfulness

  • Nature and Mindfulness

  • Crafternoon: Creative wellbeing

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