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 2018- Present


The Importance of looking after ourselves mentally as well as physically is something of increasing significance in society and a subject which we have become of interest to me from a personal and creative perspective as an organisation.


Since beginning Crafternoon as a voluntary project in October 2018, we have delivering and hosting creative wellbeing Crafternoon sessions on a weekly basis, providing an inviting environment in which people regardless of their age or creative abilities, can focus on themselves, giving yourself a bit of self care but with a creative spin. 


Inspired by our team's own mental health experiences and knowledge, as well as recognising the needs of people in our community the sessions aim to bring communities  together through creative activities, actions and outreach; to provide creative wellbeing support and  allow people to and focus on their own health and wellbeing for just a couple of hours a week. Whether it is creating Button art, Dream Catchers, Yarn Letters, or making recycled photo frames, being creative is proven to be good for our mental health and is something we have seen first hand in the sessions having a positive impact on people’s wellbeing.


Crafternoon, is a creative, supportive, community driven initiative for people of all ages that encourages people to come together, be creative and explore alternative ways to practice some positive and creative self care to support their mental health and wellbeing. Providing an outlet that inclusive, accessible and welcoming to all.

In recent months, due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have moved some of our sessions online and have increased our outreach to the community with bubble sessions, supporting NHS staff, community groups and organisations. We have also designed and distributed over 400 crafternoon craft boxes to help support people who are feeling socially isolated in the community. 

To expand our work further with our communities in Leicester we have launched our first crowd funding campaign to be provide online and offline sessions, craft boxes and to create our first community crafternoon exhibition.

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