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1215. TODAY

Youth Engagement Co-Ordinator/ Social Media Manager


1215.Today was an international online project, for young people aged 14–24 all over the world, funded by Arts Council England in collaboration with the University of Lincoln. The project took its inspiration from the celebrations surrounding the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta and the significance the document holds both in the past and present in society today.


The project aimed to connect young people across the world, encouraging discovery, debate, creative and connections with the arts through a variety of creative outlets primarily online, but also through innovative labs held across the country. Throughout the project, participants engaged with artists, writers, performers and many other creative practitioners addressing issues such as liberty, democracy and human rights which mattered to them, that then fed into the project’s commissions and online content.


As Youth Engagement Co-Ordinator and Social Media Manager for our Director, Sophia worked to involve and connect young people, across a series of artists commissions, Innovation Lab and social media campaigns; exploring how the combination of online and offline creative experiences could offer young people a relatable and new way to engage with the arts, politics and historical subject matters.

The Curator Educator Creative workshops

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